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Work experiences

Data processing for Gorosti society. Sociedad Gorosti. (2010-2012)

First experience related to computer science, what I basically did was developing functions of information analysis, search and correction of incorrect data, creation of databases and data uploading.

This Mechanical job that provided me the DDBB knowledge I will continue using during the following years.

In the personal aspect, these jobs I did for SCN Gorosti also got me to realize that mechanical and repetitive tasks could and should be automated. In the following years, I will always look to avoid repetitive tasks if they can be automated, and this became the late motiv of my work.

Final degree project VISCOFAN S.A. (2014)

This project wass drawn up in order to provide solutions regarding the improvement of energy efficiency of the Cáseda de Viscofan S.A.,

Improvements in lighting will be analyzed and proposed, focusing on the most conflictive points.

Quality control technician. Wisco Española, S.A (2014-2015)

Once I finished my industrial engineering degree, I found my first career opportunity as an escholarship engineer on the local job board. I learned both to work in an office and in a productive plant, to be rigorous at work and justify my opinions and decisions with data.
Hard skills learned during this year:

  • Production quality control

  • Metrology

  • Chemical and mechanical tests and regulations

  • Parts machining.

  • Claim management and customer service.

Quality Management Assistant. Wisco Española, S.A (2015-2016)

I finished my escholarship and I continued to work at Wisco with added responsabilities. I was in charge of restarting the laboratory work. Getting in contact with CAM machine, and tensile testing machine parts.

Getting training and developing the machining program. All the documentation required (PFEMEA, control guidelines, generation of reports and records) for the project was drawn up and registered in the system until it was possible to manufacture and test approved parts.

I also spent part of my time creating a document where NC reports that had to be reviewed by management were listed and could be easily analyzed.

Quality engineer. ISRINGHAUSEN S.L.U. (2016 - 2022)

Landing a job at ISRI was an unespected opportunity. The team I had the privilege of helping was tasked with relocating a whole plant production to another site.
We helped carry out the top-to-bottom new porcesses, new work instructions, tool purchasing, redefining the quality standards meanwhile production line by production line were landing in Pamplona. We launched new trazeability systems and updated old productive systems reducing paper waste. It was not just a relocation.

The work increased and new colleagues joined our team, in fact, by now we are working more than twice the people we were at the beggining. As a member of the relocation team my priorities were:

  • Quality/Process project management.

  • Product quality management.

  • Customer service management.

In 2019 another big project came and I was again lucky to take part on it with one of the initial members of this adventure. We involved ourselves in the new product to be industrialized and deployed at plant ISRINGHAUSEN MADRID. A completly different production system (JIT) had to be revisited and adapted to the new product.
We went through hard times just after SOP but at the end we achieved what we had planned with very good results in the present.

Apart from this role in the project I spent two months in 2020 as Interim Quality/Process manager at ISRI S.A. (Madrid)

Last but not least, over the four years I was able to promote, coach, and launch the development of many ISRI custom aplications. We started from scratch and an idea to improve the product quality data handling.
Now we are working on a multi-platform solution that collects, stores, process and displays all data from a productive line. As a team we now use an agile metodology, we launched our own development,database and CI/CD servers and we have deployed our apps in three group facilities.

PM change management Nordex Acciona Windpower (2022 - Today)

New project, new challenges.
I am currently working as a change management engineer for the PM department at Nordex Acciona.

My main responsabilities are: Coordination of the global change committee ensuring the best implementation plan.
Coordination of changes in a multi-plant environment and also for PM/EPC changes.
Communicate and ensure that the change notes reported from each global function are transferred and implemented by the PBOM configuration area in PLM.
Ensure that the change notes are correctly implemented in the PBOM configuration area.
the implementation project in the different productive areas and participate in the change management committees.

I am looking forward to learn and grow with this new opportunity.

With passion



Handball player since I was 11 years old. I have been playing in different categories in BMHuarte and Anaitasuna teams.

Scuba diving


Advanced open water diver. Diving all around the globe and in the Cantabric Sea with Buceo Mistral since 2001. In the last years also with many friends joining this adventure.

Family and Friends

Faro Energy consultancy founded by my friend Diego Montesino.
oftal20 Oftal20 is a question competition for ophthalmology professionals launched by my friend Pablo Plaza.
Gon Book with relevant information to help identify the species that inhabit the UPNA campus whose author is my brother Gonzalo Dean.
indra The Navarre Center for Mindfulness is a space created with the aim of providing the theory and practice of mindfulness and other areas of Psychology.