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Welcome to the PM Suite project page! Here, we embark on a journey of collaboration, friendship, and organized chaos. The PM Suite is not just a suite of scripts; it's a testament to our coding adventures and the brilliance of chaos theory.

The Beginning

The project started as a humble idea and evolved into a suite of tools that defy the ordinary. From organizing desktops to managing tasks, PM Suite is a collection of scripts that make life a bit more interesting.

Friendship and Collaboration

PM Suite is not just about code; it's about the camaraderie and friendship that fueled its development. The collaboration behind the scenes is what makes PM Suite truly special.

Explore the Features

  • Organize Desktop
  • List Organization Folder
  • Pomodoro Timer
  • Move mouse Randomly
  • Tasks Management
  • Encrypt and Decrypt
  • Find something intellinget
  • Need an excuse? project delay?

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